1. Homer Among the Moderns

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  3. Acknowledgements

  4. Note to the Online Edition

  5. Preface

  6. Table of Contents

  7. Introduction

  8. I. Section One: Printing and Publication

    1. 1. Introduction

    2. 2. Chapter One First Impressions: the editio princeps of 1489

    3. 3. Chapter Two Ogilby and the Odyssey

    4. 4. Chapter ThreeFancy That: An Essay on Hobbes' Homer

    5. 5. Chapter FourLiterary London: Pope's Iliad and the Eighteenth-Century Book Trade

  9. II. Section Two: Translation Practices

    1. 6. Introduction

    2. 7. Chapter Five Constructions of Authorship in Valla's Iliad

    3. 8. Chapter SixThe Editorial and Ideological Project of Lodovico Dolce’s L’Achille et l’Enea

    4. 9. Chapter SevenThe Thing's a Sling: Source Squabbles and Mistranslation in Chapman's 1611 Iliad

    5. 10. Chapter EightParatext as Metatext and Metafiction: Contextualizing Honest Satire in Thomas Bridges’ A Burlesque Translation of Homer

  10. III. Section Three: Images

    1. 11. Introduction

    2. 12. Chapter Nine Illustrating the Classics and the Self: John Ogilby and his Self-Fashioning Portraits

    3. 13. Chapter Ten Expectation and Image(-ination): The Purpose and Reuse of Woodcuts in the Books of Gabriel Giolito de Ferrari

    4. 14. Chapter Eleven In Chapman’s Forge: Mistranslation as Ekphrastic Resistance

    5. 15. Chapter Twelve Henri Estienne’s Concepts of History and Poetry

  11. IV. Section Four: Nationalism and National Identity

    1. 16. Introduction

    2. 17. Chapter Thirteen Homer, Venice, and Byzantium: Aldus Manutius’ First Edition of the Iliad

    3. 18. Chapter Fourteen Alfonso, Valla, & Homer: Poetry and Politics in Renaissance Naples

    4. 19. Chapter Fifteen The Language Question: Cultural Politics of the Medici Dynasty

    5. 20. Chapter Sixteen Translating Homer in the French Renaissance: The 1584 French Verse Translation of the Iliad

    6. 21. Chapter Seventeen “Too Much of a Modern Beau”: Macpherson’s Iliad and the Nationalist Epic

  12. Conclusion

  13. Appendix Catalogue Descriptions